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“Zack always gives lots of new music a chance and when he loves what he hears he helps spread the gospel. Someone I am always happy to share new music with – because I know it will be given a fair listen and has a good chance of getting played on The Mothpod – If he digs it!” ~ John Porter , Marketing , SIN – Sony music International Network


“Zack is a very talented and professional DJ & journalist. His podcast is excellent. I had the chance to have him do an interview and play my music on his shows and I must say he definitely did a great job, especially with staying in touch, he has great PR skills.” ~ LiLi Roquelin , Singer-songwriter-producer , LiLi Roquelin Music


“Zack is widely known as one of the top curators of independent artists in the US. If an indie musician makes one of his shows, they can have reached a goalpost of success. It has been my honor to provide Zack with material from Telling on Trixie, and now, Derek and the Darling. He’s proven to be an invaluable resource and someone I’m lucky to have on my “side” of the industry.” ~ Derek Nicoletto , lead singer and songwriter , Derek and the Darling


“Zack Daggy is a skilled actor, voice-over artist, audio producer, sound engineer, DJ and a stand up guy who I would be proud to let date my daughter.” ~ Michael Butler , Director Of Artist Relations , Mevio

Dark Worlds

“…(It’s) fast paced and nightmarish…playing with themes of humanity, the human soul and conscience,” Morbid Romantic

“One freaky page-turner,” Tif Talks Books

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    July 25, 2011
    Midnight Spookshow Presents: Blood, Sex & Psychos
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Author Zack Daggy (Dark Worlds: Project 31) has released his second novel, Blood, Sex & Psychos: ...

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