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Check out what book the guys from the Totally Rad Show are reading!

Hint 1: It’s on the center table staring at time code 00:17

Hint 2: The title of this post gives it away. It’s my book Dark Worlds: Project 31!

Between this and meeting Scott Sigler yesterday, this week has been epic!


In case the embed won’t load, here’s a still frame of the episode with my book highlighted.

Still Frame


Zoomed in


The episode it appeared on is TRS Episode 129 – Lawyerdom

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To keep it short and sweet, Mothpod Video has retired. In its place is a new and improved video podcast called To The Flame. Episodes should be once a week, so check it out and enjoy!


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So one of my all time favorite bands REM if letting their fans create their own music video to the band’s latest single Supernatural Serious. After 24 hours of editing, here is my entry. Let me know what ya think.


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I’m testing Hulu. If this post works, I may start sharing clips like this in my Shownotes.

P.S. Ya gotta love Christopher Walken.

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“Perfect World”
Guards of Metropolis
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(Closing Credits)
“Dream World”

All Music Played With Permission
All Rights Reserved


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Little is it realized that yours truly made his acting debut in the action film Strike Force: Revenge of the Scribes. Unfortunately the movie studios don’t want you to see this epic tale, but thanks to Podshow’s THE LOST TAPES the trailer for this film has finally seen the light of day! Download Episode

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