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Mothpod 108 – Mr. Ed

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Guest Host:

Ed Ovett. of Ed’s Mixed Bag

Featured Music:

Ray William Roldan – “My Country Rocks” {MySpace}

Go Dot – “Room of Moon {MySpace}{LastFM}

Twilight Dementia – “Aftermath” {Ariel Cyber PR}{MySpace}

Kelly Richey / Kelly Richey Band – “No More Lies” {Ariel Cyber PR}{MySpace}

Second Dan – “The Elephant Fell To Earth” {Ariel Cyber PR}{MySpace}

The Crash Moderns – “Where Did All The Scene Girls Go” {pmn}{Ariel Cyber PR}{MySpace}

JJ Appleton – “Today, Today, Today” {Ariel Cyber PR}{MySpace}

Paul and Storm – “Lame Monster Party” {pmn}

My thanks to the Mothman for allowing me to visit the Mothpod. I hope all of Zack’s listeners will enjoy the episode, or that you have already enjoyed the episode! If you get a chance check out my podcast, the Ed’s Mixed Bag at the Libsyn site or at the Mevio website. Rock on!

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