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Ok, so I’ve been working on a new logo for Mothpod Productions. Something that would be useful for advertising and would also better match the design of this site. What I came up with is a bit simplistic, but I think it works. What do you think?


Mothpod Productions Logo

This is a mock-up of what an “Official Mothpod Productions T-Shirt” might look like.

Mothpod Productions T-Shirt Mock-Up


I took Cybster’s advise and tried tinkering a bit with the font. Thoughts?

Mothpod Productions Logo Update

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“Perfect World”
Guards of Metropolis
(Watch On YouTube)

(Watch On YouTube)

(Closing Credits)
“Dream World”

All Music Played With Permission
All Rights Reserved


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Ok. I’ve been hard at work on the new Pod 5. For those of you unfamiliar with this podcast, it is a panel discussion show featuring Ed Ovett, Brent Bradley, Dan Johnson, Dwight Dunlop, and myself. This podcast was originally on TalkShoe, but is now moving to Podshow. Additionally, the show is now a Mothpod Production. As such I did the graphic design for the show (logo, site, ect), and work as the “sound guy.”

Anyway, we will also be broadcasting the show live from Ustreem. In fact, we’ll be doing a practice run at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. You can listen in live on The Pod 5 Ustreem Channel, and hopefully from the post!


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I set up a Mothpod Productions feed with Podshow. What this means is that if you subscribe to the feed (with the links below) you’ll receive every episode of every podcast I produce as it’s released. You’ll even get episodes of other podcasts that I appear on (fingers crossed). So anyway, if you want to stay up to date on all things involving your friendly podcasting Mothman, then be sure to subscribe!


Mothpod Productions


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Welcome to Mothpod Productions! The home to all projects produced by Zack “The Mothman” Daggy.

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