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Mothpod 130 – Deal Or No Deal

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Featured Music:

I Fight Dragons (Featuring Imogen Heap) – The Process

Kill the Alarm – Fire Away

Daydream On Autopilot – Call Me

The Energy – The Constant

Junkyard Groove – Say Goodbye

Amanda Bloom – Rosetta

Electric Touch – Who Put The Fire Out?

Second Dan – The Elephant Fell To Earth

Melissa Ferrick – House On Fire

Samantha Farrell – It Was Real

Lisa Bianco – As Good As It Gets

Melissa Giges – Violet Hill



Angel Between The Lines

Project 31 (3-31-09)



Thanks for stopping by The Mothpod Emi, Electric Touch, and Dan Johnson!


I’ve got a contest of sorts for the most die hard of Moth Maniacs. If you can spread the darkness by getting your friends to sign up to my newsletter, then not only will your friends get a free sneak peek of the first four chapters of Dark Worlds: Project 31, but you’ll also be able to earn some awesome prizes.

Here’s how it works. Your friend signs up to the newsletter at After that, they send an email titled “I’m A Moth Maniac” to Inside the body of that email should be your name and email.

That’s it! Now here’s the break down on what you’ll get out of this.

  • Sign up 1 friend and you’ll both get a digital sneak peak of the first four chapters of Dark Worlds: Project 31.
  • Sign up 3 friends and you’ll get the above and a digital advance copy of Dark Worlds: Oracle (The short story that will appear in the next book Dark Worlds: The Gate) as soon as it’s written.
  • Sign up 13 friends and you’ll get the above and the complete ebook version of Dark Worlds: Project 31. (As an extra bonus, the first person to sign up 13 friends will get a signed copy of Dark Worlds: Project 31 sent to them.)
  • Sign up 31 friends and you’ll get the above and next year you’ll get an advance digital copy of Dark Worlds: The Gate before it’s release, and the first 3 to reach this mark will be sent a signed copy of Dark Worlds: Project 31 and have the option of being killed in Dark Worlds: The Gate (have their name in the book.)

This contest ends on May 31st, 2009.

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