The Bad New And The Really Awesome News!

22 June 2011 | Updates | Tags: , ,

Hey Dark Worlds: Slasher Supporters,

Executive Producer & Screenwriter Zack Daggy here. I just wanted to give you an update on production now that initial fundraising efforts on Indie Go Go have wrapped up.

The bad news is that because the goal of $6,000 was not met, we will not begin filming this July.

The really awesome news is that we WILL begin shooting November 5th!

Thanks to your donations, this film is DEFINITELY being made! For those of you that are fans of Dark Worlds: Project 31, you may remember that it takes place during the days leading up to Halloween, so by shooting in November we are going to be able to capture the atmosphere of the season. It’s going to rock!

Thanks for your support! The Dark Worlds are coming!


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