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The Dark Worlds Needs You!

The producers of the short film SLASHER, have launched a fan-funded campaign to raise money for this first installment in the horror anthology series Dark Worlds. Based on Zack Daggy’s best selling novel Dark Worlds: Project 31 and filmed by Darkrider Studios (Lethal Obsession, Mother’s Blood), producers of the film hope to utilize the power of the net to raise $6,000 of their budget through the site Indie Go Go. Fans that pledge to this project will receive various levels of “perks” depending on the amount that they donate. This can range from a special thanks in the film’s credits, to the actual mask worn by the “Careview Slasher.” Complete details can be found at

Dark Worlds: The Gate – News

Hey Moth Maniacs,   Just thought I’d give you a quick update on all things Dark Worlds.   For starters, thanks to each and every one of you for the positive feedback of the podnovel version of Dark Worlds: Project 31! The prologue and first four chapters have been released thus far, and the plan […]