Midnight Spookshow Presents: Blood, Sex & Psychos

Blood, Sex & Psychos: A Guide to Slasher and Torture Cinema

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Author Zack Daggy (Dark Worlds: Project 31) has released his second novel, Blood, Sex & Psychos: A Guide to Slasher and Torture Cinema. Distributed exclusively through the Kindle and Nook, this short form novel tells the story of the rise of the slasher genre and how torture films have taken the realm of horror by storm. From Norman Bates to Jigsaw, it’s all laid out in graphic detail.

This eBook marks the first installment of Midnight Spookshow: A Guided Tour of Horror Cinema. Based on the popular Web series of the same name, Zack plans to tell the complete story of the genre that leaves you screaming for more, one book at a time.


Zack “The Mothman” Daggy, the host of Midnight Spookshow brings you a guided tour of horror cinema. Since an early age, Zack has been an avid fan of the horror genre. From Ghostbusters to Goosebumps, it has been in his blood right from the start. In 2009 he published his first horror novel, Dark Worlds: Project 31, and now he brings you an inside look at the genre that leaves you screaming for more.

In this first installment, Zack explores the slasher and torture genres. Ever wonder who was the first madman with a knife to grace the silver screen? What’s the story behind the mask of Michael Myers? How did the screenwriter of Saw almost end up dying for his art? The answers to these questions and more await in Blood, Sex & Psychos: A Guide to Slasher and Torture Cinema.

About Zack Daggy

Zack “The Mothman” Daggy is an Internet DJ and new media entrepreneur of wide acclaim and a cult fan base. A self-professed workaholic, Zack is the host and creator of a number of original programs including The Mothpod and Midnight Spookshow.

Born in 1985 with a rare genetic disorder, Zack’s boundless energy and irrepressible imagination led him to create fantastic worlds of suspense and horror, always shot through with humor. He wrote his first story at age seven, was nominated for a People’s Choice Podcast Award in 2008 and published his first novel Dark Worlds: Project 31 in 2009. Zack lives in Indianapolis, IN, where he dreams up twisted things for a living.

About Midnight Spookshow

A podcast for all your horror needs. News, reviews, interviews, and live broadcasts featuring the scream team, Zack Daggy & Tim Kretschmann. There are lots of geek fights and absolutely no vampires that sparkle here. Turn it up and turn out the lights!

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