Mothpod 100 – One Hundred Episodes And Two Years Later

Mothpod 100 – One Hundred Episodes

And Two Years Later

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Featured Music:

The Dandy Warhols – Talk Radio (Mothpod 100 Mash-Up)

Aranda – It Ain’t Easy

Matthew Ebel – Join The Conversation

Telling On Trixie – Ugly, Broke & Sober (DEMO)

The  Clintons – Dance Slow

Justin Hopkins – Courderoys

Noctura – For You

G Tom Mac – Cry Little Sister (CaveClub Video Mix)

ArthurKill – Come Together

Strangers In Wonderland – Every Day Every Night

Black Lab – See The Sun

The Queue – Big City Blues

Lovespirals – Motherless Child (Ryan Lum Remix)

81db – Revelations

Matt King – Cursing The Ohio

Ron Rutherford – Freak Flag

Donna Lewis – Shut The Sun Out

Geoff Smith – The Mothman is Flyin’ Tonight (Cybsterized)

Special Thanks To:

Dan Johnson

Derek Nicoletto

Jammin John

Levi Kujala

Jaan Lutter

Michael Moss

Mandy Suiter

G Tom Mac

Guy David

Ed Ovett

Mark Baars

Åsa & Lasse

Karmyn Tyler

Mike Yusi

Anji Bee & Ryan Lum

Dwight Dunlop

Jim Todd

Maurice Zondag

Ron Rutherford

Tim Kretschmann

Cybster DJ

Jimi Lee

Ariel’s Cyber PR

…And all of the artists, independent content producers, and Moth Maniacs that have stayed tuned, stayed subscribed and been a part of new media. These first 100 episodes wouldn’t of happened without you!


Mothpod Live After Party Wednesday August 6th @ 8 p.m. EST. Only On Bounce Radio!

B.O.U.N.C.E. Radio

What Is Project 31

Mothpod Contest:

Send the phrase “100 Moths” by August 15th, 2008 to for your chance to win one of two Mothpod prize packs! Prize packs include an Official Mothpod T-Shirt, Lost Boys: The Tribe DVD, Strangers in Wonderland So Much More Single/CD, and a Sheri Miller or Finespun T-Shirt. Winners will be randomly drawn on Mothpod Episode 102.

This Program is a Mothpod Production


Voicemail: +1 (317) 644-6087


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3 Responses to “Mothpod 100 – One Hundred Episodes And Two Years Later”

  1. Hey Zack,
    Great to see you reach your 100th after two years. Congratulations!
    Thank you for the amazing support of independent music and media.
    You can always count me in as a freak flag flyin’ Moth Maniac!

  2. Matthew Ebel says:

    Hey, Mothman, congrats on the centennial episode! And thanks so much for playing my music so much, I really appreciate it!


  3. mousewords says:

    Awesome episode, and happy 100! I’m looking forward to the next 100! I really love the selection of music on the show, and of course the hosting is great, too. :-)

    The buzz is building for Project 31–can’t wait to hear more! :-)

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